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Did you know that you can now become a qualified VET teacher by studying at TAMK School of Vocational Teacher Education in English? 

Taking this introductory course will give you two credits as well as 0,5 extra admission points when you apply for teacher education at TAMK. The two credits will also be accredited to you when you are accepted and start your studies with us.

Christmas holiday 20.12.2018-7.1.2019 No enrollments during this time. Enroll to the course from this link!

Maybe you're teaching in English already and are interested in receiving the formal qualification as well, or  you are just planning a teaching career, or are interested in pedagogy for some other reason. This is a great place to learn to know other like-minded people and brush up your English at the same time.

The English vocational teacher education begins at TAMK annually in May. The next annual application period is in January 2019.  

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  1. I would like to enrol this course. Thank you.

    1. That's nice, Ricardo. I will send you an invitation now, plesse accept it. Then please fill in the registration form under Instructions do that they have enough information to write you a certificate when you've completed all the assignments. The form asks for a social security number but anything will do, just fill in something there, and you can send it.

  2. H!
    This sounds quite interesting to me. I would like to take part in it. How can I register for the course?

    I would love to hear sooner possible.


  3. I Would Like to enrole to the online course. Thanks

  4. Dear readers,
    please fill in the registration form that you will find under Instructions. If you don't have a Finnish social security number, fill in your birthday. You will then receive an invitation to write in the blog.
    Best wishes,

  5. Hello,
    I have filled the registration form. Hope to receive the invitation soon to start the blogs. Thank you!

  6. Hello Folks, I have filled the registration form and hope to receive the invitation soon to start the blogs.